Why choose Group Focus for picture day? Quality photography at competitive pricing, the newest and latest product line, superior customer service and no hassles, no extra work, just happy customers. We make picture day easy for you & your league by taking care of everything which allows you and your volunteers to spend more time with your league.

Picture Day the Group Focus way is not only hassle-free, but fun as well. Our staff, in addition to being talented photographers, bring a great attitude to the field. It's easy for the kids in your league smile for the camera with Group Focus. When players and teams are posed & photographed well, when photos are taken on time and with a smile your parents will buy more products. That equates directly to a bigger commission for your league.

Group Focus guarantees 100% satisfaction. If in the unlikely event that a customer is unhappy with their photographs-for any reason-the picture will be retaken or monies refunded, no questions asked! Keeping the members of your league happy through superior customer service is the standard we set and keep at Group Focus.

And don't forget that Group Focus is a part of your community. We are a privately owned Long Island based company with no out-of-state corporate masters to answer to. Need a last minute serviceā€”a custom plaque or a photo for an awards ceremony? We're happy to go the extra mile for you, and it's not out of our way.

Youth Sports Photography is what we specialize in, and we're the best at it. Group Focus Photography. Let us put the Focus on Your Group.